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Dealing with the daily restrictions of a serious injury or long-term illness can be exhausting. Performing simple tasks – getting dressed in the morning, making breakfast, even brushing your teeth – could take hours and all the energy you have. Working a regular schedule may be impossible, and before you know it, you’ve exhausted your savings and the bills are still rolling in. What can you to stop the downward spiral? A successful application for Social Security Disability benefits can provide financial assistance while you’re unable to work, but can how you maximize your chances to qualify without help.

If you’re in pain and doctors expect your illness or injury to at least for at least one year, contact Young, Marr & Associates immediately at 1 (609) 557-3081 in New Jersey or (215) 515-2954 in Pennsylvania. Our Montgomery County disability lawyers have more than 25 combined years of experience in developing applications for SSD benefits, and assisting clients who’ve been previously denied with their appeals. Don’t worry. You have help. Call today.

Elements of a Successful Claim for Benefits

As long as you’ve worked enough through your lifetime to earn sufficient credits with the Social Security Administration, you’re entitled to receive disability benefits when you qualify medically. This is not an entitlement program or a free handout. This is a system you’ve already paid into through your tax dollars.

You can also become eligible if you’re the dependent child of a person who is legally disabled. Regardless of the circumstances, the details that make a claim more likely to be approved in the eyes of federal investigators remain the same:

  • Clarity of Medical Records – information provided by your doctors must state the nature of your injury or illness, and most importantly, how that injury affects your functional capacity. If the physical impairment doesn’t prevent you from completing significant life tasks, the Social Security Administration will deny your application.
  • Proof of Income Eligibility – if you’re able to earn a living while still unable to work, you don’t need government assistance. Bank statements, along with evidence of your monthly income, may be necessary for investigators to determine your available finances.
  • Work With Our attorneys – statistically speaking you have a better chance of obtaining SSD benefits with an experienced attorney at your side, than without. At our law firm, we handle all the paperwork so you don’t to. We’ll meet the important filing deadlines and communicate with the federal government on your behalf so your application receives the fairest look possible.

The Power of the Appeal

Without our disability lawyers in Montgomery County working on your claim, you may not possess the desire to continue with the process if you receive an initial denial of benefits. Don’t worry. More than half of all claimants get that initial denial. Call us today at 1 (609) 557-3081 in New Jersey or (215) 515-2954 in Pennsylvania, and remember, if we don’t get you approved, there’s no charge for our services.

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