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Serving the Social Security Disability Needs of Clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

For over two decades we have been representing clients across the Delaware Valley, including Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Berks, Chester, Lehigh, Philadelphia, Mercer and Burlington Counties.

Pay No Fees Unless You Receive Benefits

Chances are you are preoccupied dealing with a painful illness. You are concerned about your financial future, about how you will get by without a steady source of income.

Instead, you will pay a contingency fee that is taken from the proceeds if you recover from social security.

The contingency fee has a long history in legal practice as the means to give less wealthy clients a way to have their day in court without going broke in the process.

We do not get paid just for effort. We do not get paid for thoroughly researched and beautifully written pleadings. We get paid for results. And we think you will like that.

Our Philosophy

At the Social Security Disability Center, we believe all clients should be treated with the courtesy, respect and compassion that they deserve. We understand that the process of applying for benefits is often times frustrating and demoralizing, riddled with lengthy bureaucratic delays. We will attempt to minimize your frustration and handle your case as courteously, honestly and expeditiously as possible. We have handled cases for over 20 years and will provide the experience necessary to give you the best possible outcome.

Do I need A Disability Lawyer?

The Answer is a resounding Yes!!

Why Choose Us

  • We have represented thousands of claimants in successfully obtaining Social Security benefits.
  • We are a firm with extensive experience representing claimants for over 20 years.
  • Paul Young, Esquire personally handles or directly oversees all claims and is a former employee of the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • We have represented claimants with all types of physical and psychiatric impairments.
  • You deserve a firm with extensive experience to handle your claim.

If You Do Not Win Money, You Do Not Owe Us A Fee

The Social Security Administration makes the process very difficult for claimants. As your attorney, it is our job to effectively communicate your claim in a light most favorable to help you to obtain benefits. We will counsel you through the process and give you advice about what is needed to prove your disability and help gather the appropriate medical evidence. We are professionals specializing in disability claims. Every day you wait to file, is one more day until you begin receiving the money you deserve.

You need an experienced staff of attorneys and paralegals to handle your claim with the commitment and caring that it deserves.

We never ask for a fee unless you are successful in obtaining money. We do not ask for any up front costs. At the Delaware Valley Social Security Disability Center of Pennsylvania, you will find an experienced staff truly dedicated to your issues and your claim. We have handled thousands of claims, and we will give you the best chance of being successful!